One storytelling format that we especially enjoy—and clients very much appreciate—is the "op-ed" for local newspapers and opinion outlets. Well-crafted op-eds not only share a point of view, they delight the reader with a memorable, credible, and persuasive perspective. In this noisy and divisive era, tone is everything. An op-ed that seeks to teach, understand, and value people as individuals who are part of a community (or "common unity," as we like to say) is far more influential than one written with animus or rage. And, we place the op-eds ourselves, so our service is turnkey.

Tone is also the most important component of a well-written and delivered speech. We enjoy working with C-suite clients on crafting memorable, impactful speeches, especially short-format (TED-style) remarks. Chris prides himself on his ability to draw out the essence of what executives wish to communicate in their remarks. He then drafts the remarks with grace, gravitas, and style with a signature that is uniquely the speaker's trademark. When given the opportunity to videotape the remarks and distribute the video across social media (and host it on the organization's website), the value of the speech multiplies, increasing the speaker's influence and reputation for servant-leadership.

Contact us, and we'll send you a packet of our op-eds and speeches that you—working with us—would be proud to call your own.