We've Been Busy! by Chris Kelley

We are overdue with an update, but it's because we have been busy--and deeply honored--to be helping our clients tell their stories. We will post links to our projects before the end of the year. Today, we have the great pleasure of producing the 2017 Hope for Humanity Dinner for our long term client, the Dallas Holocaust Museum/Center for Education and Tolerance. This will be Chris's 9th year as Executive Producer of this incredible event. On October 10, we had the great pleasure of being a member of the team that produced the Ground Breaking and Survivor Dedication Ceremony for the new Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum, opening summer of 2019. Details on all our project coming soon!

The films we produce for you are about to get even better. Here's why . . . by Chris Kelley

Before Garrett Brown invented the Steadicam in the 1970s, bulky film equipment had to be mounted on dollies and pushed along tracks if the director wanted a smooth, natural shot. Besides the enormous amount of space a dolly and tracks can take up, the system only allowed the camera to move in one or two predetermined ways through space.

Annoying, right?

The Steadicam came along and revolutionized the way cameras captured the action. With the ability to move freely through space, camera operators could capture exactly what they saw, creating far more dynamic, intimate, and impactful shots.

Fast forward about forty years and you’ll find that free range camera technology has only gotten better. The modern gimbal system uses electronic stabilization to keep cameras level no matter how you move in space.

The best part about electronically stabilized gimbals? The Kelley Group has one.

Drops, lifts, pans, tracks—with electronic stabilization, you’re guaranteed a buttery smooth shot. You can even sprint with the gimbal (we tried it; it’s awesome).

What does this mean for you? It means higher production value; telling stories in new ways; getting more shots your audience will love; and having more chances to connect with them, inspire them, transport them, and touch their hearts.

It’s not just a new piece of equipment. It’s a new way of capturing your story. And we want to help you tell it.

Remembering Wende - A Force in Jewish Education for over Thirty Years by Chris Kelley

On December 15th, friends and alumni of Levine Academy, a Jewish day school in Dallas, gathered at the Renaissance Hotel in Richardson, TX to pay tribute to Wende Weinberg, a beloved Dallas educator of Judaism who passed away on December 4 after a long fight with cancer.

For Wende's tribute video, Chris and Mac interviewed dozens of her students, friends, fellow teachers, and family members whose testimony of Wende's unparalleled impact on their lives would bring a packed ballroom of 800 guests to tears.

It was an honor to work on this project and to remember an amazing woman whose legacy of education and ethics will endure long after her passing not only in the Jewish community, but throughout the city of Dallas and beyond.

Welcome to Brio—What? by Chris Kelley

Brio, a noun, means vigor or vivacity of style or performance. For example, "He told his story with some brio."

We know that clients want to keep up with what we've done, but both of us have an aversion to boastful rhetoric. We have several mottoes, and one of them is, "Talkin' ain't doin'."

So, we're calling this blogfrom here on outBrio. Not bravo. Ultimately, our clients will judge the quality of our work. What we can assure you is that we release nothing that we're not proud of (and, yes, you can end a sentence in a preposition).

Accordingly, Brio will feature highlights of our latest work. We've got some catching up to do, so it may seem like we're showing off. That's not our intention. But we do wanna let you know we've been busy.

We'll start with some of our recent work for the Dallas Holocaust Museum/Center for Education and Tolerance.

Updates (in order of importance): Mac, TKG Communications, LLC, and this Blog by Chris Kelley

In Spring 2016, The Kelley Group became an LLC--TKG Communications, LLC. After nearly 10 years in business, we figured it was time to expand our horizons.

More importantly, Mac--upon receiving his hard-earned master's degree in Arts & Technology from the University of Texas at Dallas--joined The Kelley Group full-time on July 1. This is a huge deal for Chris & Sheryl--and, most of all, for our clients. 

Mac now oversees all technical aspects of video production, serves as principal writer on many creative projects, builds websites, and assists in managing all aspects of media relations. He can jump over tall buildings, too. Just ask Chris.

Going forward, we'll use this blog to showcase our clients' incredible work, share our creative musings, and celebrate the human heart in action, our speciality. 

Please let us know if we can help you. 


Christmas Releases: Latest Productions from The Kelley Group by Chris Kelley

It’s been a holiday-like season all fall at The Kelley Group! Chris and Mac have produced four major video productions since Nov. 7, as well as several smaller video projects. TKG is pleased and privileged to have produced the featured video at the All Stars Project of Dallas luncheon on Nov. 17 at the Hyatt Regency Dallas. On Dec. 3, TKG produced the Dallas Holocaust Museum’s annual Hope for Humanity Dinner 2015 at the Fairmont Hotel—which featured three major video projects by Chris and Mac. You can see the videos here, here and here. This is the seventh year in a row that Chris has had the honor to serve as executive producer of the Holocaust Museum’s annual Hope for Humanity dinner. On Dec. 7, Mac had great fun shooting the Vickery Meadow Festival of Lights—a project he quickly produced as a short video that will leave you in the holiday spirit. As always, Sheryl provided invaluable research, scheduling help and critiques of the projects—all the while keeping the books and her sense of humor as we worked multiple weekends to meet our deadlines. 

Refugees, Innovation, and Oxford—Postcards from the UK by Chris Kelley

We hope you’ll check out our latest video projects here. These are short video features we shot at Oxford University in July. The videos are especially timely when one considers that the largest forced migration is underway in Europe since WWII. We can’t say enough about the incredible commitment that humanitarians around the world, including many former refugees, have toward other human beings. We’ll be releasing one more video in the series later this year. We hope to be invited back to Oxford next summer.

Check out Dallas CASA's Parade of Playhouses, and one of our latest videos by Chris Kelley

Dallas CASA is an amazing organization that helps reassemble the shattered lives of abused and neglected children with the help of devoted and caring staff members and volunteers. For several years, we’ve had the pleasure of helping Dallas CASA tell powerful stories of hope and healing involving the former youth of Dallas CASA and their incredible advocates. One of our pieces is being shown at the Dallas CASA’s 20th Parade of Playhouses at NorthPark Center through July 26. The playhouses are raffled off to raise much-needed support for Dallas CASA. For a chance to win one of 16 dream-making playhouses, visit NorthPark Center or dallascasa.org to view playhouses and purchase raffle tickets. Raffle tickets are $5 each or five for $20.

"The Best of British" to Mac by Chris Kelley

Mac is off to the UK—Keble College at Oxford University, to be precise—to videotape the 2nd annual Oxford Humanitarian Innovation Project conference this coming weekend. The conference, “Facilitating Innovation,” will lead up to the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul, Turkey, in May 2016. A key focus of the Oxford conference will explore how we enable innovation by and for affected communities. What does it mean to take a human-centered approach seriously, and to engage in co-creation with affected populations? With more than 42 million refugees of concern to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, conferences such as the one Mac will videotape and edit are of critical importance to the world community.

NPR's The Takeaway Interviews Our Colleague Kiflu by Chris Kelley

Our colleague and friend Kiflu Hussain was interviewed by the esteemed John Hockenberry of NPR's The Takeaway on July 1, an interview that Chris had the pleasure of arranging and Mac coordinated on the day of production. Kiflu's insights and first-hand experiences as a refugee make him uniquely qualified for his role as a Research Associate at the SMU Hunt Institute. Words can't express our gratitude for Kiflu's willingness to share his knowledge and passion with all of uswhich is so wonderfully captured in this interview heard on 260+ NPR stations across the nation.